Sunday 21 August 2011

Eldar Phantom Titan - Part II - The Cleaning

Quick update on the Eldar Phantom Titan. It's now been cleaned and primed. I received the special long drills I ordered so I will be able to insert those long 3mm brass rods I have. I also received the resin kit so I can mold the base, none of the hobby site I know being able to provide quite what I wanted.

Until more pics of the current assembly, here's some pictures of the soap cleaning just giving an idea of the cheer amount of pieces involved here.

Next stage, base and foot



  1. Just started my Phantom, planning on cleaning and washing as I go along. Cleaned most of the foot pieces last night. Not sure what I'm going to do for a base yet.

  2. I found a 10" plaque at Micheal's. I'm not fond of it but I figure I can use it to get the model up and replace the base later if needed.

    I'm having a hard time figuring out the stance since every part of the phantom is possible.

  3. I just finished cleaning mine and tried to play with poses using tacky stuff to temporarily hold it together.

    One thing I learned is; don't clean out the shin all the way. There is supposed to be a nob on the inside.

    Also the 10" plaque is not large enough, it needs to be around 13 - 15" in diameter.


  4. I would agree on a 13-15". Experimentation in progress...

  5. Thanks - will look for a 15" base, wider almost always better

  6. I've yet to find a circle base around 13-15" in diameter. I did see a large oval base. I'm going to temporally use plywood to get the model constructed and then either go with the oval base or cut one out of solid wood.

    I'm dreading cutting one since I don't think it will come out as a prefect circle. If anyone is able to find a decent base, please let me know where you found it!

  7. Are either of you thinking of making any of the limbs poseable or are you going to fix them in place? I have the waist pinned and not going to glue it so it can swivel, but I would like to make the are swing around as well. I still haven't figured a way to it singe the weapons are so heavy.