Tuesday 25 October 2011

Eldar Shadow Spectres with Exarch

A few Shadow Spectres with their Exarch. Not the best Paint Job ever but I had a good time painting them.

-From a white primer
- Armor Merchrite Red, quick Blood Red on top, Dry Brush of Scab Red, Edge highlighted first with a Blazing orange/Yellow/White mix on the orange side, a second time with a whiter mix.
- Reactors are Badab black washed (front and rear events)
- Ribbons, Loincloth, Chaos Black, Highlight Codex Grey
- Face Mask, Chaos Black
- Rifle Chaos Black, Prisms are then Dry brushed on the edges with Regal Blue, then Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue and Skull white, used some gloss for the finish. Vanes on the side received a Mithrill Silver dry brush following by a wash of Asurmen Blue.
- Stone/Base is Wash Sepia, Wash Devlan Mud, Liberal paint of Tausept Ochre, Dry Brush of Bleach bone to finish
- Gems are Dark Angel Green, Goblin Green, Scorpion green with a white skull dot.


  1. They are supposed to be white and blue !

    1. There is no such thing as supposed to be, you can make them be from any craftworld, including your own

  2. Very True. Might repaint them at some point.. I'm thinking a layer of Shadow Grey over the Red and some highlight with codex grey might do the trick (or ruin everything altogether). Ha well, I like them that way for the moment.