Tuesday 16 November 2010

Eldar Revenant Titan - Part II

I finished the pinning and did spray the undercoat. Not that easy as the model is not assembled yet. Thing is that some parts are going to be painted on their own before final assembling. That and the various body shields creating recesses and places where it would have been quite difficult to spray. This is an important part of the process, work it slowly, no need to flood the model with paint or you will loose details. Anyway, that's the box containing all the under-coated parts:
I also started thinking transportation and weapon destroyed damage, two situations where having detachable guns is highly preferred. Hence added some magnets in the Pulsar guns.
I briefly reassembled the main parts to check the coherence (Plus it looks way better in black already).

A quick word on a known issue with resin I had with the model.. Air Bubble... Frankly nothing to be worry about. Just a bit of green stuff and a file, problem solved. Before/After:

et voila, Green Stuff, FTW.

And to close this post, about the Revenant itself, Fluff speaking.. They do come in pair right? So as a direct result and before starting the actual paint, I need to assemble and undercoat his brother, here on the right. Just finished the cleaning, score!

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