Monday 6 December 2010

Eldar Revenant Titan - Part III

Some progress on the second Titan. I assembled the legs together and pinned the whole thing to the base. I must say I'm quite pleased with the result. The pose is quite similar to the first one, with a dynamic toward the front but still different in the intention.

The pinning was much more simple than the first time. Not necessarily a surprise, when you know where to drill it makes things easier. I also directly double pinned everything with some 2mm brass rods... This guy won't wobble, common problem reported countless time with Eldar Titans. Again, don't go cheap on the Drill/Rods, thick and doubled is the only way.

One word about the size of the base... This is one problem for which I could not find a proper answer on the Net. So I tried... 3.5" 4.0" and 4.5". No question asked here, 3.5 is way too small, 4.5 too big and 4.0" just perfect - Ok might sounds like Goldie Locks and the 3 bears but that really is the story.

Then about the material, wood is just too light, you don't (well I don't) want your great model being flipped over at the slightest tremor of the board. Those guys at  Fenris Games are selling a 100mm Resin base I found adequate. They're selling through ebay and even though I really try to avoid ebay as much as I can, I must admit they have a very good product/delivery/service. Anyway check my supplies section on the side for the address. Now this base is heavy enough - the thick one, not the flat, thin one mind you - And here again I tried both. Heavy enough so it holds the model very well that is. Still I'm not adventurous enough to displace the gravity center of the model off the base, That again because I want to be able to field those Titans without having to worry every time someone dare breathing is that direction.

Eldar Revenant Titan - Part I


  1. why isn't this finished yet?!?! I want to shadow sword it!

  2. Hi Brigs ! Minutieux travail, et fascinantes créatures...Biz de Bretagne