Wednesday 29 December 2010

Eldar Revenant Titan - Glueing

Now's the time of glueing the parts with the pins. For transportation purpose, the Fin and the Pulsars are not glued. The shields will be glued later on as I want to darken the inside before attaching them for good. The head is an entire project altogether, I will see later on about it.
I chickened out on the first Titan (the one on the left in the picture above), I lowered the left leg and pinned it down to the base... Thing is I want to field those without having to worry. That's what I already said when I decided to use thicker brass rod, that was very true then and it's still here. However I was not entirely convinced altogether it would be enough, nor was that Necron friend of mine while talking about it last weekend.

A note about the shoulder: The rings are not glued yet. Will adjust depending on shield position first.

Apart from that I cleaned my airbrush, even though I'm very careful with the tool, traces of paint accumulate on the needle itself, slightly clogging the airflow, loosing some control in the process. Another reason not to start the painting per se, my way of procrastinating I suppose...

Next, mix of Black and red in the airbrush for some shading...

[I have an Apocalypse game at the end of January... Seems I might make it on time...]

Titans on the field here

Projects starts here: Eldar Revenant Titan - Part I

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