Friday 17 December 2010

Eldar Vampire Hunter - Part I

Yesterday I finished priming the Second Eldar Revenant Titan, part of the project Eldar Revenant Titan. Quick note about priming inside a room, open the window and get yourself a decent mask, no, really...

Anyway, I didn't want to start the actual painting today so I started that other project, the Eldar Vampire Hunter, my first flyer, and a super heavy too, I'm all excited. I intend to let it fly with 2 interceptors, but that's an other story altogether.

First thing first, that's what it looks like straight out of the box:
Quality of that Forgeworld model was somehow a big disappointment, not my first forgeworld but so far the very worst, giant mold lines, resin missing in some places, big chunk of resin all over the model, most parts kinda twisted - not the wings though, that's a relief... And both canopies missing.. I though about sending it back frankly, but Hell this is 40k and this is hard core.

With the amount of resin to remove I started with the filing, I'll clean the parts later. Don't even think about using a file alone, you need the power of a dremel or equivalent and a good dust mask - no, really, resin definitely is toxic, not only it can provoke asthma but it can also induce problems with your Endocrine system, in short you don't want any of that.  Also, get some safety glasses, I had a few bits and pieces flying around...

... Two solid hours later, all mold lines, extra bits and imperfection corrected.
Next step, removing the grease in warm water and straightening the parts. I would qualify this as a good start, and most importantly it was a lot of fun.


  1. Well that looks pretty awesome!
    I'm just starting work on a Eldar vampire Hunter, I've managed to get the kit off a friend. He's had his loft the last 9 years.
    Unfortunately I think it's missing a few parts. Have you still got a copy of the instructions for it? As I don't.

    1. hi do you have maby the twin linked titan pulsars cannons i need som details about them thx
      kontakt me on twitter thx