Tuesday 21 December 2010

Eldar Revenant Titan - Basing

Basing can be fun, and a mini is not finished if the base is not... well, based.

From all the different methods, my chosen recipe here:

Glue the elements
PVA glue the surface
Add bits and sand
Let Dry
Immerse in a PVA Glue/Hot Water mix
Let Dry overnight
(Undercoat/Basecoat/Paint later on)

I decided not to charge the base with too many elements.. Too simple? Possibly... We'll see.

Bases are 100mm resin from Fenris Games - see Eldar Revenant Titan - Part III for more details. The one on the left has already been undercoated, never mind, let's do that again.

In the mean time (yesterday in fact) the Eldar Revenant Titans received their basecoat.

It went quite well, it's a good base for shading and highlights, hence the medium red, will go easily to red-dark / black in one direction and to orange, white on the other side, allowing some hopefully nice effects.


  1. Two titans at once, eh? You certainly jump in full forces. Looking forward to seeing these beauties painted up.

  2. You don't realize how important basing is until you get up to models of this size. You almost end up having to treat it like another model all to its self.

    Ron, From the Warp