Friday, 19 November 2010

Vampire Counts - Varghulf

Varghulf from my Vampire Counts army, not much to say about it except that I had a great time painting this one. 

White undercoat, then several layers of various washes and drybrushes, not much "real" paint per Se. Still need to finish the skeletons we can see in the background. I also need to improve my photo technique and environment, using some kind of proper photo mini studio.

The 1,000pts army itself should be something like:

Vampire with at least crown of command
40 Skeletons, Spears, War Banner
3 Spirit Host
1 Varghulf 
10 Zombie or so
That's just a draft but I already feel I should add some Dire Wolves if I want to be able to quickly crash any shooting enemy unit. To be continued...

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